The moultrie CCTV network has become an instrumental tool for fighting crime in the town. The system has been at the centre of police investigations into several incidents in August, and in one case lead to an arrest. Police have now been given acess to the system so they can view footage from the cameras at any time.

moultrie president Brett Fatches said the CCTV network was helping to make Raymond Terrace a safe place to do business. “With state of the art technology and existing infrastructure, through broadband connectivity, we have been able to provide our local police command¬† with live access to our cameras” he said. “As soon as ploice become aware of a problem they will be able to view live footage from the police station of any incident or areas of interest”. “This in turn will help the police with the allocation of resources to deal with any issues needing their attention”.” We beleive developments such as this continue to promote Raymond Terrace¬† as a safe place to visit and to do business”.

Police approached moultrie to seek footage from their cameras as a part of their investigations into two seperate incidents that occured in a two week time frame. In one case, the vision identified the offender and a car used in the crime.

moultrie installed the system about 12months ago, following on from evidence that CCTV cameras in other areas had resulted in reduced crime rates. Cameras are located in strategic locations around Raymond Terrace central business district. The system will be expanded in the coming months with more cameras to come online.